PGT Staking
Make Money, Together

PGT token is a representative token for Prediction WTF, and it's specially designed to boost the ecosystem of Prediction WTF and generate additional staking yield for Prediction WTF users.
In the future, PGT token hodlers will receive additional benefits from the prediction game itself.

Financial systems need easily accessible money reserves to work. A bank has tons of cash just laying around in case people want to take out their money.
In the crypto world, staking is when you deposit your tokens into our cash reserves. More people deposit, so the more stable our token prices become, allowing us to operate day to day without massive price fluctuations.
As thanks for your participation, we have allocated 30% of our PGT tokens as staking rewards for the next 24 months, which we will distribute every day to stakeholders like you.

1. Connect your wallet.
2. Staking is only possible with BNB. You can choose the staking amount minimum of 1 BNB.
3. Staked BNB will be changed into a BNB-PGT LP token and staked into the staking pool. Click “Reload data” to get the latest amount of rewards in PGT. This will also require you to spend gas.
4. If you want to claim PGT staking rewards, then click the “Claim Reward” button. Claimed PGT will go into your wallet. If you want to unstake BNB, then click “Cash out your staked BNB”. The smart contract will change the BNB-PGT LP token into BNB and transfer it back to your wallet.
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