Tech Specs

PGT: 0x817c201c4Bc769CCdE4f0a20BEA442b17913Ec83
Staking helper: 0x42d56F1147916067dfCff08FdBf83C2d8dEa0c8A
Staking (LP): 0xeE7CCd15c4ee726221BdF5279845372457a4A716
PGT-BNB LP: 0x3998B1Fe9F78EdD356DE28827733902E152031F7
Prediction game: 0x81EC13411D98CD674d75A691C273c43855C76A0D (bet BNB price)
Prediction game: 0xF76E10BBCa32D740367702665a6e8f770DD2F9b7 (bet BTC price)
Prediction game: 0x8dF2A4fDAeec8d74255A895546125d40e11D7eF4 (bet CAKE price)
Prediction game: 0x2dF7CfF13D74d1A596f37a6fba80982a01c81844 (bet ADA price)
PGT Escrow for prediction game: 0x7A5A951b686846B343FF89A66A4E388c4f585950

PGT: 0x8e6176021aD9eea87C1eB9277270e7679062163B
Staking helper: 0xe061Fd0F826e261A8ede0a0f3cE413Af69f344ED
Staking (LP): 0x752Ad8c3316ed064B2a5313A03EeF79f69eAa535
PGT-BNB LP: 0x6E34041210F929E2cB0dDb9385eec73aEbCFD9aF
Prediction game: 0x6a5E9d59bC82dB38110e2eBaCF1F55C4FDD1BBfF (bet BNB price)
Prediction game: 0x39Ab86A95b9e50864700C9B7c96f2756DE22AA68 (bet BTC price)
Prediction game: 0xEfF936F12c1600B8Ce60F0e0575F520F82AEdce3 (bet CAKE price)
Prediction game: 0xa6174e047882A3c38Fd910dA64ed95D9Df9A98Ab (bet ADA price)
PGT Escrow for prediction game: 0x99AafEA8B38BC781684B5747a03BeEEc848bE960

Refer test/testWhole.js for integration example.

Get amount in PGT (including multiplier)
API (temporarily):${amountInUSD}
Get amount in BNB
API (temporarily):${amountInUSD}
Result might be different when actual claim

await PGT.claim(userAddress, amountInBNB, amountInPGT, amountInPGTMin, signature, {value: amountInBNB})
Call API for parameters
API (temporarily):${userAddress}&amountInUSD=${amountInUSD}
userAddress = address to claim, only whitelisted address able to claim
amountInUSD = amount in USD to claim, options include 50, 100 and 500.
Return amountInBNB, amountInPGT, amountInPGTMin and signature.

await escrow.betBull(1, betAmount, 0, predictionGameAddr)
When call with escrow contract, contract will check first if betAmount < escrowPGT.
If betAmount > escrowPGT, contract will transfer remaining PGT from user, user need to approve PGT to escrow contract before transfer.
Check user escrow PGT
const escrowPGT = await escrow.escrowAmount(userAddress) // 18 decimals

const amountOutMinForDeposit = stakingHelper.getAmountOutMinForDeposit(amountBNBToStake, 1000)
await stakingHelper.deposit(amountOutMinForDeposit, {value: amountBNBToStake})

await staking.claim()
Check current rewards which avalaible to claim
await staking.rewardsOf(userAddress) // In PGT, 18 decimals

const amountOutMinForWithdraw = stakingHelper.getAmountOutMinForWithdraw(1000)
await stakingHelper.withdraw(amountOutMinForWithdraw)

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